We Help..

Crossfit Athletes...

  • Who have been told by their doctor that rest will fix their issue.

  • Who have been avoiding heavy olympic lifts likes snatches because their shoulder hurts with overhead pressing

  • Who have been avoiding deadlifts and deep squats because they are concerned about injuring their low back more.

  • That can no longer do box jumps or double unders due to knee pain

  • Who can't seem to finally get their first muscle up, pull up, or improve their snatch weight. 

Active Individuals..

  • Who are unable to run due to knee pain that comes back even after weeks of rest.

  • That can no longer keep up with their kids due to back pain and the fear of hurting it worse.

  • That can no walk their dogs without pain

  • That have pain when they make the turn on the back 9 and are unsure if they will be able to finish the round of golf with their buddies.

  • Who have back pain from sitting at their desk all day and want to be able to lift weights at the gym like they used to. 

Chris Beavers

Founder, Physical Therapist

A Nashville native, Chris graduated with his doctoral degree in Physical therapy from Belmont University. With a passion for being healthy and active by regularly attending CrossFit classes, Chris desires to keep active individuals healthy and continue to participate in their activity of choice. 

Chris grew tired of other healthcare providers telling patients that their sport was dangerous and that they should stop doing it, or that that they should should stop being active. This leads to patient frustration because they think rest will fix their issue only to have their pain come back when they returned to activity.


Chris recognizes the power of teaching people to move better and its ability to assist the body in repairing itself without expensive MRIs, painful injections, or multiple trips to the doctor. 

This prompted Chris to create Momentum Sports and Performance which allows him to partner with local Crossfit gyms and engage in other community events to teach members to take better care of themselves and most importantly to continue to stay active and do the things that are most meaningful to them.