What If I told you that you no longer have to miss workouts due to pain

Stuck in the viscous cycle


You take rest, you feel better, but only to injure yourself again.Your time is far to valuable to waste. Stop wasting it on being injured

Time to Stop Wasting Time and Take Back Your Health

You have been avoiding the activities you love for to long because you think you have bad knees, a bad shoulder, or think that pain is just normal. Pain is not normal and rest alone will not solve your problems.

Is your mobility work not helping


Have you tried foam rolling, lacrosse balls, and even modifying your workouts but its still not helping?

Finally Someone Who Understands!

 As a physical therapist who actively participates in CrossFit, You will finally get the answers you are looking for and finally get back to the actives you love. 

We Help Active Individuals Continue To Do the Activities They Love Without Rest, Painful Injections, and Without Multiple Trips to the Doctor

Schedule a Free CrossFit Total Body Diagnostic

When was the last time you had a full body screen to find out the root cause of your problem? Here is your chance to have a CrossFit specific examination so that you can finally get back to working out pain free. 

We only have limited slots to schedule a  so don't wait! 




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